What Does Beard Serum Do & How Often Should You Use it?

To be completely honest, the vast majority of guys who don’t have beards wish they could grow one quickly and easily, but they can’t. Either because they lack the genetic proclivity or because they can’t find products that encourage beard growth. It’s likely that you’ve heard about beard serum from a friend that raved about how it gave them a thick, rugged beard. In this article, we will examine what beard serum is, how effective it is for beard growth, and how often it should be used. Let’s begin –

What is a Beard Serum?

However, beard growth serums frequently employ one of two methods. The first method involves using medication to treat conditions associated with hair development. Medications like these increase blood flow to hair follicles. Males experiencing hair thinning or loss are typically the intended recipients of this method.

A second method involves applying a mixture of serum to the scalp to provide the hair follicles with the necessary moisture. This method is typically used by men who want to increase facial hair growth while also improving their skin’s health and appearance.

Benefits of Beard Serum

Every man desires a full-grown, dense, and shiny beard. They are very particular about the appearance of their beard and moustache. On the other hand, maintaining a beard is difficult, especially if it is itchy and dry. For this, a beard serum may be the best option.

1. Nutrition and hydration

It is necessary to provide nutrition and water for a beard to grow healthily. Beard growth serum nourishes your beard and smoothes facial hair, making it easier to control and style. Furthermore, it moisturises the skin beneath the beard.

2. Tame the Style

Hair in the beard is typically coarser in texture than the hair on your head. Beard serum can soften and shine beard hair. It also smoothes out the unruly hairs in your beard, making it look cleaner and more put together.

3. Eliminates Itchiness and Dandruff

Beard dandruff is caused by dry skin that is prone to breaking. Excessive scalp scratching can cause dandruff because it irritates the dry, dead tissue beneath the hair. If you use beard serum regularly, you can reduce itching and flaking of the scalp as well as beard flaking.

4. Allows Your Beard to Develop more Quickly

Beard serum aims to reduce split ends and strengthen hair follicles because it nourishes the hair. Furthermore, beard serum promotes healthy skin and can aid in the development of hair follicles, which can aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs. This may be useful if you notice that your hair growth is uneven.

Side Effects of Beard Serum

If you’re wondering if beard serum has any side effects, the answer is no. Using beard serum has no negative side effects. However, check the ingredient list to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients/chemicals.

1. Allergy

Before using any product for the first time, it is usually best to run a patch test. The same could be said for beard serum. By first applying the serum to a small section of your beard, you can see if it causes any allergic reactions. A prudent approach would also be to avoid any serums that may contain a substance to which you are allergic. This is the best way to avoid any negative reactions.

Allergies can manifest in a variety of ways, including hives in severe cases. In less urgent situations, it may cause symptoms such as redness and itching, among others.

2. Especially Sensitive to the Sun

Only a few essential serums may make your skin more sun sensitive. This means that your skin will become more sensitive to light, increasing the risk of solar damage caused by UV radiation.

If you have a thick beard or a goatee, keep some beard serum on hand because it is an excellent grooming product. However, growing a beard requires a lot of patience and upkeep, so it can be a source of frustration.

3. Irritation

It’s possible that you’re not allergic to a product, but its application makes you itchy. Of course, there could be numerous explanations. For example, it’s possible that one or both of the product’s ingredients will irritate your facial hair and skin.

How Often Should You Use Beard Serum?

You should ideally use beard serum on a regular basis. It should be used twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night.


These treatments work immediately, even after the first application; they stimulate facial hair growth. Every month, the length of a beard can increase by about one centimetre. If you don’t already have a beard, it could take two to three months to grow one to its full length if you don’t already have one. Most men will notice visible benefits after three months of consistent use of beard growth-promoting products.