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High Life What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast Daily, Is It...

What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast Daily, Is It Good Or Bad

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But we still skip it as we all are busy in getting ready for office, college or even when going out with friends. A lot of people skip breakfast thinking that they will have heavy lunch but this does not do justice to your body.

Skipping breakfast has some negative result on your body. Well, those who skip breakfast every single day are sure to get some serious health problems. Some signs you can see others you can only wonder.

Mood Swings !


One of  the main side effects of skipping breakfast is that it have a major effect on your health. Regularly missing meals trigger a stress response which is related to our body system. These increased number of stress ca outburst anytime.

You Cannot Focus At All !


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The decrease in body sugar level decreases the ability to concentrate and focus. The main reason behind this that our brain runs on glucose and the less glucose there is to help the brain function to the best of its ability, the more likely you are to have a decreased attention span.  Skipping that meal is only going to deteriorate your work performance in the short term, or if done regularly, in the long term too.

You Will Start Over Eating


The more you put your stomach through this torture, your brain will tell you to fill it up. So, when you eat the next time you are more likely to overeat.

Weight Gain


Not only are you more likely to gain weight through overeating, your body overcompensates by hanging on desperately to the energy in the food you do eventually eat; storing it stubbornly out of fear you will go through regular starvation periods. It’s basically messing with your metabolism and storing everything you eat as fat.

Stomach Problems


To show that having a restricting diet affect all areas of the body, your gut will start working ineffectively. Eating food on a regular basis is how our stomach, intestines, and bowels manage to push it out in a regular and orderly fashion. By skipping meals our gut get confused and it can result in constipation and stomach aches which are a result of not passing stools regularly. This can affect your quality of life immensely if you change your eating habits too often or restrict fiber from your diet.

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