High Life Health So What Really Happens When You Swallow A Chewing Gum!

So What Really Happens When You Swallow A Chewing Gum!

Every child’s love is sweets! Children love to gorge upon chocolates and toffees and every other thing which is sweet (I still love to eat candies though!!). I remember I could easily convince my parents into buying me candies, but it was a tough job to grab a chewing gum! Even if I got it, my parents would consistently warn me to not swallow it down. I still remember all those prophecies (I hope many of you remember it too!) : ’It’ll stay in your stomach forever!’ ’It’ll clog up your butt!’

The time has arrived when I finally dismiss all your fears which holds you back from popping up a chewing gum.

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chewing gum swallowed
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