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Whenever an object falls from the sky to the earth, during this time two forces are working on that object. The first force in this is the gravitational force of the earth, which is pulling any object rapidly towards the earth and its speed keeps increasing at the rate of 980 centimeters per second square. Whereas the second force is drag which acts against the ‘force of gravity’ and tries to stop it.

This force arises due to the friction or resistance of air on the falling object. The amount or intensity of this force is inversely proportional to the density of the falling object. If the weight of an object is more and the size is smaller then the drag on it will be less. If the weight of the object is less and the size is bigger then the drag will be more. In this situation the object will fall on the ground at a slow speed. 

Actually, when any object is dropped from top to bottom, both these forces start acting on that object simultaneously. Gravity pulls that object down and drag tries to stop it. But after some time a harmony is established between the two forces and that object starts falling towards the ground at a constant speed. This speed is called terminal velocity .

What would happen if a person fell from the Burj Khalifa? 

If a person was dropped from the top of the ‘Burj Khalifa’ , he would have been lying on the ground in a few seconds and would have died after falling from such a height. Because the heavier the object, the faster the motion and the stronger the blow. In such a situation the chances of survival of any person are negligible.  

What would happen if an ant fell from Burj Khalifa? 

Ants are very small in size compared to humans and their weight is also very less. If an ant is dropped from a height, it spreads all its arms and legs in the air. During this time she will also take time to fall on the ground due to less weight. Meaning, even if you drop the ant down from the ‘Burj Khalifa’, then even her hair will not be frizzy and she will go back to her house laughing and playing.  

American University of Ilinoys’ the Physics Department, according to one study, the average falling ant height Terminal Velocity (Terminal Velocity) in the case of the 6.4 kilometers per hour, while the men’s speed is 200 kilometers per hour, which Ant It is almost 31 times more than that.

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