High Life Humour What if Harry Potter was made in India ?

What if Harry Potter was made in India ?

Harry Potter is one of the best movie series in the hollywood. But have you ever imagined if Harry Potter was made in the Bollywood. So here we are presenting one of the best opportunities for Potterheads to choose the cast of Harry Potter. Although, its quite obvious that the original cast cant be replaced truly, but still lets see:

Lead characters :

Harry Potter : Ranbir Kapoor

He did took a similar look in his current movie “Jagga Jasoos”. His looks are almost similar to Harry’s and his acting skills are quite commendable.

Ron Weasley : Shahid Kapoor


He would be the perfect choice for Ron because he can be that calm sort of character who is definitely secondary in the movie but could take the limelight with his acting.

Hermione Granger : Alia Bhatt

Although she might be a little dumb in real life but what you need here is good acting and the way she has taken a leap in past couple of years, she would be my choice.

Lord Voldemort : Sanjay Dutt

The perfect look alike of Voldemort and a perfect villain material.

Albus Dumbledore : Boman Irani

I know everyone is saying Amitabh Bachchan but I believe Boman Irani is one of the most versatile actors and he is quite good with these sort of characters.

Draco Malfoy : Siddharth Malhotra

He is one of the best suited for intense character which was quite evident from Ek Villain where he led his character beautifully.


Greggory Goyle : Varun Dhawan (Malfoy’s friend here Siddharth’s)

Viktor Krum : Ranvir Singh ( The handsome hunk)

Professors :

Minerva McGonagall : Ratna Pathak

Severus Snape : Kay Kay Menon

Sirius Black : Irrfan Khan

Rubeus Hagrid : Satish Shah

Parents :

Arthur Weasley & Molly Weasley : Pankaj Kapoor & Supriya Pathak

(Co-incidentally they are Shahid’s real life parents as well who is Ron in my star cast.)

James & Lily Potter : Ronit Roy & Sushmita Sen

These are the best matches I could think of at the particular moment. Hope you liked it.

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