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High Life What Indian Bride And Groom Do On Their "Suhagraat" ? Know Here

What Indian Bride And Groom Do On Their “Suhagraat” ? Know Here

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If you aren’t married yet, it is very much possible that you keep on wondering this question that what happens in the final night of the wedding. By the final night, I mean “Suhagraat” here. You must have got some unusual and bizarre dreams about it too. But here are a few experiences different married people shared and they are quite interesting. Readout yourself :

  • Our suite was beautifully decorated, with a sensuous light aroma, roses and rajnigandha petals all around, making for a beautiful floral decoration. I spent half an hour relieving myself of the hairpins, bangles, jewelry, make-up and the kilos of saree I was wrapped in. After a quick shower, I returned to dressing table. Then I noticed a cute little gift wrapped box. I thought of asking him out, but he was himself dressing up in the other side of the room. When I unboxed it, I was thrilled to find a sexy fuller fit backless threaded Chemise dress, with the matching g-string. It got my pulse racing, I wasted no time and approached him. He was already there in a boxer n t-shirt that was printed ‘Shake Well Before Use’. We went at each other in deep, fulfilling years of desires and soulful bliss. After hours of passionate love making and sexual interplay, each of increasing ecstasy, we hugged each other passionately before slipping to deeply relaxing sleep.  – Gitanjali

Atleast they didn’t wasted time on typical milk drinking session and went directly to the foreplay. Looks like both of them knows that time stops for no one.

  • On my first night, my wife asked me: “What do you want to do tonight”. I replied, “the same thing we did every night. Try to take over the world”. – Piyush

It makes me wonder  Piyush and her wife had many sneak in sessions before the marriage.

  • I got married 2 years back, and was really excited for the first night and wanted to talk a lot to her and hold her hand, be close to her and see how things go ahead. Sadly, thanks to my good old school friends, who decorated my room with the most number of condoms that can be listed on Guinness Records and all naughty stuff, as well celebrated my wedding in the room by cutting a cake and then ordering bunch of dark coffees and teas. I was offered one, just to realize that the one I drank was very dark and weird because – It had Viagra mixed in it. It was double the dose. I got indulge in helping my wife removing those hundreds of hair pins and talking a bit to her with that fake smile, making her feel I am all right and no way tired. And suddenly, I started sweating and i felt my heart too pumping a little faster and then the Head ache started – so without stretching this further, my wife ended giving me a head massage and I slept off.  – Rahul

I am sad for this guy. The viagra which was given for the purpose of longer fun ruined the night for him.

  • My wife and I played minecraft for whole night. I loved it. We play so many games together. Lucky me.  –Johnny

HaHaHaHaHa… this guy must be a hardcore game freak and has found one in the name of wife. Cheers mate !

  • Experience?
    Collapse from the exhaustion.
    The fun stuff usually happens the next morning. – Ambika

Yeah, right… A morning sex can be a great way to start the day.

  • I have married with a Girl and I haven’t seen her before my marriage. First night we only talked about each of other. I wanted to know each & everything from her & she wanted to know each & everything from me. Suddenly I have looked at clock the time morning 7:30. – Narendra

Thanks to our Indian rituals and the weddings functions which happens for 3-5 days in a stretch. But still some people manage to go on a voyage the same night while others find next morning comfortable.

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