What is Axie Infinity Token and How Does it Work? 

When you try to pick a crypto asset to buy, you usually choose among the top-traded cryptos in the
Coimarketcap ranking. That is the right decision since top-rated coins are always the most valuable
and less volatile. However, experienced investors also recommend paying attention to less popular
tokens with good prospects.

Now that the blockchain industry is evolving, some game tokens are worth considering. Play-to-earn
consent has not reached its peak yet, so maybe now is the best time to invest in NFTs and in-game
tokens. Today, we would like to talk about AXS coin – its use case, price, and prospects.

What is Axie Infinity?

Inspired by a famous Pokemon game, the developers of Axie infinity built the blockchain game where
participants could play and earn tokens. AXS is the Axie infinity crypto used for rewarding players in
the gameplay process and also for:
●creating more NFTs
●collecting NFTs
●making NFT battles.

NFT is made in the form of cute little animals that are bred and collected. Players can generate new
Axies NFTs in the game process. The sustainability of the platform is reached by attracting new
players. Thus, the more players join the game, the more tokens they buy, so the AXS coin gains

And on the contrary, if the game platform loses users’ attention and the number of players decreases,
it will reduce the AXS token price.

AXS Token Prospects

Depending on where the platform moves next, the forecast for its token may be different. If everything
is okay and the game gains more players and expands, AXS coin has all the chances to reach
$262.14 in April 2023.
You can earn Axie infinity crypto by joining the Axie platform, or you can buy tokens on any large
crypto platform, for example, WhiteBIT.