Netflix! Netflix! Netflix!

Okay I know half of you have no idea, like me, what the fuss is about.Read on to know more about netflix

^3F07082AB793F57665E2DA9875AA0158C0BBC54E5FCDA8D559^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr1.Netflix is an American multinational provider of on-demand  or internet streaming media. What it means is that you can watch any show, any movie by assessing netflix .You can watch it by online streaming.

2.Netflix is BIG in US.Last October Netflix had 69.17 million subscribers in over 40 countries. It recently announced its entry in 129 countries more which included India along with Asia and Europe.

3.You can stream videos from Netflix on your laptop,PC,tablet,smartphone,Tv screens,Play stations,Apple TV etc.

^9219FC735B0E1833885479B7ABF5524E92BDD90101D560692D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr4.In India the content is is a little limited.For example the content ranges from hindi movies like Piku-Hum apke hain koun to various english movies and shows like American Horror Story, Arrested devlopment,Sherlock,Breaking Bad,Fargo,Sons of Anarchy etc.If you can’t find your favourite show, be patient; more content is coming soon.

5.You have to sign up for netflix via its site or download it’s app in your smartphone.Though the first month is free for users,you have to enter your card details as the subsequent plans start from 500 rupees per month.Make that 650 for HD plans.

6.The biggest question:Internet speed.If you have unlimited broadband plan, there won’t be any issue.But (as reported by NDTV) if you have limited plans, watching one hour of netlix HD may consume upto 3GB of your data.(will be pretty pricey then)

6.No censoring of the content.YET.

Basically Netflix means you can watch whatever you want to and wherever you want to.

If you’ve got the power (internet) Go check out Netflix!

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