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Trending What Is New National Education Policy 2020 And It's Whole Process?

What Is New National Education Policy 2020 And It’s Whole Process?

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After 34 years, a new education policy is being implemented in the country. Earlier in 1986, the education policy was implemented. Some amendments were made to this policy in 1992, that is, after 34 years new changes have been made in the education policy of the country. This new education policy has been approved by the cabinet. Many major changes have been made in the new education policy, from school education to higher education. A lot has changed from pre-primary classes to board exams, report cards, methods of UG admission, MPhil. So let us give you detailed information about this today.

What is New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020)?

Under the new education policy, vocational education such as school education, higher education as well as agricultural education, legal education, medical education and technical education have been brought under its ambit. Its main objective is to connect students directly to a life school along with studies.

Let us tell you that till now you have been studying Art, Music, Craft, Sports, Yoga etc, as an Assistant Curriculum or Extra Curricular Activity. Now they will be part of the core curriculum, they will not be called extra-curricular activity.

As you know, due to some domestic reason, due to illness or marriage, if the studies were in the middle, then there was no option. But now it is arranged that if for some reason the studies are missed in the middle semester, then you will get benefit under multiple entry and exit system. Meaning if you have studied for one year then certificate, diploma after two years, degree will be given after three or four years.

6% of GDP goes to NEP 2020

Under this new policy, now 6 percent of GDP will be spent on education. Currently, 4.43% of India’s GDP is spent on education, while the Ministry of Human Resource Development has been renamed as Ministry of Education, which is a significant change.

Now the government aims to ensure education for every child by the year 2030. Apart from this, every child should also have a life skill after the exit of school education so that he / she can do it easily in the field where they want to start work.

MPhill to be eliminated

Now the government has spoken of eliminating MPhil completely. New arrangements have also been made for those going into research. They will be given the option of a 4-year degree program. That is, one year MA with three years degree can go directly to PhD.

Rights to choose favourite subject in NEP 2020

Now you will get the right to choose your favorite subject. If you are doing engineering and you are also fond of music, then you can also study that subject together. Whereas before this did not happen.

Changes in Primary education

There has also been some change in education at the primary level. Importance has been given to the availability of language teachers who understand the home language of children. The mother tongue should be used as a medium of instruction as far as possible from the first to the fifth. However, the new education policy also states that no language will be imposed.

Ease for teachers and use of technology

The new education policy is also included to encourage the use of technology to support teachers. For this, the use of various apps through computers, laptops and phones etc, has been said to make learning interesting. If you want to enroll in the course, then you can take a break from the first course for a particular time and join the second course.

A new curriculum structure of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 will be implemented in place of the 10 + 2 structure of the school curriculum, which is for children aged 3-8, 8-11, 11-14, and 14-18 respectively.

Internships for students after class VI in NEP 2020

Vocational courses will be started from Class VI. For this, its interested students will be given internship from class VI onwards. In addition, music and arts will be promoted. These will be implemented in the course.

In the new education policy, the students will also have the freedom to leave the course in between if the National Scholarship Portal will be expanded to track the progress of others. Private higher education institutions will be encouraged to offer a large number of free education and scholarships to students here.

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