difference between normal and premium petrol

As much as petrol is a flammable substance, it is also a flammable issue in our country these days. Its prices are increasing nowadays, as if the dowry of a useless lad increases after getting a government job. But what to do, the demand is more of both. Even then, if you go to the petrol pump and come to know that normal and premium artwork is going on in the Petrol too, then it is bound to become a mouthful type.

But the question is, what is the difference between normal and premium petrol and what is the difference between these two? Today we will try to explain this to you. 

difference between normal and premium petrol
An attendant holds a petrol nozzle at a petrol pump in the northeastern Indian city of Siliguri August 5, 2008. The government sharply raised prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas in early June, a move which pushed inflation into double digits. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri (INDIA) – RTR20NFW

What is the difference between normal and premium petrol?

See, both the vehicles have to run on petrol. But there is a difference in the quality. In the case of petrol, this difference is determined by the amount of octane. Premium petrol is called high-octane petrol because it has an octane value above 90. Whereas in India it is up to 87 in normal petrol.

What is octane?

Octane is actually a chemical present in petrol. The higher the amount of octane in the petrol, the less negative effect it has on the engine. This reduces engine-knocking and detonating, thereby controlling the sound coming from the engine. Because if the engine of the vehicle remains strong, then its mileage and overall performance will also be better. Also, premium petrol also reduces air pollution as compared to normal petrol. This is the reason why the price of premium petrol is also high. 

difference between normal and premium petrol

Will premium be best or normal petrol for you?

Most of the people in India get normal petrol only. The vehicles you see on the roads here, their engine performs well even in normal petrol. If you have taken a very exotic type HiFi vehicle, then there is a need to get premium petrol to be filled. Otherwise, if it is written in the manual of your vehicle that premium petrol should be filled, then definitely get it filled. If it is not needed and you still put premium petrol in it, then it will not be of much use.