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High Life What Is Up With Calvin Harris Seeing EX Girlfriend Taylor Swift Cuddling...

What Is Up With Calvin Harris Seeing EX Girlfriend Taylor Swift Cuddling with Tom Hiddleston

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It seems that Calvin Harris has totally moved on with her breakup with Taylor Swift and holds no grudge against the fact that she is now dating Loki i.e.Tom Hiddleston.

The romance of the Scottish DJ, record producer& singer Adam Richard Wiles stage name Calvin Harris and the pop sensation Taylor Swift was quiet a topic for the whole world who find the couple too adorable and cute, came to an end. The world wasn’t over with the breakup yet suddenly news of Taylor Swift dating Tom Hiddleston started making headlines. Now they turned out to be together in love and publicly accepted the fact.

The interesting part  is that The Scottish DJ has gone forward and pressed a “like” on an Instagram photo of his ex and her new boyfriend,Tom Hiddleston. Check it:

#news | Calvin liked Taylor's post.

A post shared by TAYLOR SWIFT News (@tswift.updates13) on

It takes a *strong* man to like a photo of his ex-lady with her legs wrapped around her new man whilst they rocket down Taymerica. Or maybe he pulled a crazy move where it’s like, “I’ll show her I’m still here and with this “like” she will know she hurt me and I’m still standing but just barely!”

Or maybe his dog did it? Who knows !

I think it’s interesting that the only one of her many, many Fourth of July photos that he liked was the one that had her new boyfriend half-naked in it. So um… yeah. Calvin, maybe it’s best to unfollow and block your ex to prevent any future emotional hangover. Rest is up to you.

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