Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone loves to eat sour. Any day, any time if it is in hand. If so, leave the shooting and eat. Let’s get rid of makeup, let’s remove lipstick, Deepika doesn’t care. When she gets ripe tamarind, raw mango or pickled pickle, she has only one word in her mouth … Yummmmmm.

Of course, the matter is not in any other source, it is known from the social media page of Deepika herself. The actress has posted a video about her favorite food. Throughout the video, Deepika talks about her comfort food. However, the netizens got the most fun, as one of Deepika’s eyes went blind when she talked about eating talk.  

At the beginning she was heard asking someone a question. ‘What are you eating?’ Then tells about her own food. Deepika used to say relaxed, her choice is home-made southern food. Such as rasam and rice. The actress made the final talk. On the screen, there is a picture of Southern sour salt in milk and white rice.

This southern dish is made of ripe tamarind, raw mango juice, garlic, chilli molasses and many more ingredients. And it’s attraction to Deepika is limitless. So much so that she started eating in the gap of makeup. Posting the video on Instagram, Deepika wants to know in the description, ‘What is your comfort food?’ The answer came immediately. Parineeti Chopra wrote ‘Pizzaaaaaa …’. Ananya Pandey wrote again, ‘I also like the southern food of your house. Those foods taste different. ‘

Soon Deepika and Ananya will act together in director Shakun Batra’s next film. Besides, Deepika will be seen starring opposite Hrithik Roshan in ‘Fighter’ and ‘Pathan’ with Shah Rukh Khan.

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