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What It’d Be Like to Live Under Donald Trump’s Government As He Wins The US Presidential Elections 2016

What It’d Be Like to Live Under Donald Trump’s Government As He Wins The US Presidential Elections 2016


My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.” – Donald Trump

Donald Trump quoted this during his election campaigns, and he was right. Nearly all the mainstream media houses were against him, and nobody seemed to support Trump during his historic journey to the White House. People were confused, and every poll declared Hillary Clinton as the next President of America. But as the saying goes, ‘When there’s a will there’s a way’.

Donald trump US Presidential elections 2016 result

Welcome to the world of Unexpected things. Mr. Donald Trump becomes the 45th American President, which means Republican Party sweeps the Democrats away!

This is the story for all the Clinton supporters, who’re still amazed by how Donald can win without any prior experience in politics, and for the Trump supporters who voted for him in enormous numbers.

What worked for Donald Trump ?

Donald Trump becomes US president

Chaos is the one word that can describe President Trump and his historic win. Donald Trump not only became the eldest man to win the American Presidency, but also defeated a woman whose career span in politics is more than 30 years, and who was backed up by the current President of America, Barack Obama. Unexpected!

The dominant reason that helped Trump to win the White House race is his huge interest in politics. As soon as his candidacy got announced, the world was shocked, and immediate negative reactions were reported, but Trump stood strong and firm on this and challenged the whole world if they can stop him. Donald Trump with his outrageous comments shook the foundation of the US politics, and it worked in his favor. 

Using the social media platforms dramatically !

Donald Trump US Presidential elections 2016

One of the best parts of the 21st century is, everything is available online. From needle to people. And the winner in the today’s world is the one, who knows what to hide and what to announce at social places.

Trump always topped the trending charts, he was everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook, and what not. Okay! For all the wrong reasons, but does it matter? In the end, results are in his favor.

On the contrary, if you can look at his opponent Hillary, who failed to mark her presence on social media. Though many Hollywood celebrities shared their positive views and those ‘selfies’ with Hillary that didn’t work for her.

Trump’s strategies to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Donald Trump US elections 2016

Modern America is facing some of the major issues, and maybe citizens of the USA have supported Donald to get these problems fixed in Trump’s style.

What are those issues, and what ‘extremists’ solutions can be expected from this government, let’s have a look!

Immigration: Trump believes that undocumented immigrants from Mexico have ruined the US culture by bringing drugs, crime, and by raping the American women. Hence, America will not be accepting immigrants anymore.

Foreign Policy: We could see Trump taking some strong action against Islamic countries, and terrorist groups. As he has now become the US president, it is possible that nuclear deal with Iran would come to an end.

Taxes: One of the major reasons why Donald got elected as the President of America is because of his promise to cut taxes. And if this happens, then American economy is going to fall on the ground.

Healthcare: Trump said, he’ll replace Obamacare with something good. Now, what’s that good? Only time can tell.

Budgeting: Maybe this is another reason why people elected Donald Trump as their President because he promised to cut the costs massively in different sectors. What do you think, he’ll change his plans after taking office on January 20th?

If he has come out as the winner, then it means American people have good faith in him.

What it’d be like to live under Trump’s government ?

What It'd Be Like to Live Under Donald Trump's Government If He Wins The US Presidential Elections

Trump needs to understand the seriousness of his chair. He is the future of the US citizens. Every single decision taken and every single word spoken by him would affect the world.

“I made a lot of money and I made it too easily, to the point of boredom.” – Donald Trump

If he has become the President and has turned a few million dollars into multi-billionaire dollars company, then I’d say he’s not that stupid as we thought. After all, he is the President.

As an American President, we hope that Trump positively shocks the US citizens and the world by working in the direction of making America great again. In his presidential debate campaigns, he promised that his government would be ‘our’ government, for ‘our’ people and its time to prove this true.

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Congratulations, Donald Trump, for becoming the 45th American President, and the eldest President of the United States Of America.

Will President Donald Trump ban the Muslim community from entering the US ?

Donald Trump US Presidential Elections 2016 donald trump muslim community

Well, this remains the most controversial topic till date. People have cast their votes in his favor, but that doesn’t mean that they support a ban on the Muslims.

Exuberant by nature, newly elected President of America had said during one of his speeches that he’d bring Muslims Ban Act into action to prevent terrorist attacks in the US. But, if he takes this decision then he’ll also be the one to suffer, as Britain would ban him.

How would Trump handle North Korea ?

What It'd Be Like to Live Under Donald Trump's Government If He Wins The US Presidential Elections

“We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.” – Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s statement during the presidential election campaign was childish; even his supporters would agree on this. China is never going to save the Americans from North Korea. And Kim Jong-un has already threatened the US citizens that if Trump wins, he’ll celebrate it with ‘nuclear fireworks’.

We’ve still heard no sound of such fireworks coming from the USA but is it metaphorically possible the North Korea and America can get into war anytime soon?

So, finally Russia becomes the US loving country ?

What It'd Be Like to Live Under Donald Trump's Government If He Wins The US Presidential Elections

The whole world is aware of the fact that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump praised each other on many occasions. And when finally the results are out, and Trump has become the new President of America, can we expect Russia to become the US loving country in the near future?

Well, this is pretty confusing because every coin has two sides. Either Russia knew already that Donald Trump, if elected, can cause mayhem for them or Vladimir genuinely thinks Donald Trump would make a good President.

Or! Or! There can be a third selfish angle behind this, Isn’t it possible that Russia is promoting Trump just to see America suffer within? Let’s just wait and watch.

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