There are two kinds of people walking this earth who do same things yet quite differently. See for yourself and know what kind you belong with. There’s one kind who’d find this amusing and the other who juz can’t help it.

1. wat say?            2kindsofppl12

2. Do you get it?2kindsofppl11

3. who eats fries like the second kind? :/two-kind-of-people-13

4. To kinds of Pizza Lovers.
2kindsofppl10 5. umm…2kindsofppl7

6. Definitely the first kind.2kindsofppl8

7. Can do both in this case. :p2kindsofppl9

8. Tea or Coffee?2kindsofppl5

9. Any kind can get you drunk.2kindsofppl410. You can’t eat chocolate like the second kind.