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News What Made Nepalese Angry And Protesting Against India And Modi

What Made Nepalese Angry And Protesting Against India And Modi

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Nepal, after seven years of deliberations has adopted its new fully secular constitution on Sunday. However, this occasion faced protests and violance resulting in deaths as the madhesis groups clashed against the federation of the country.


Expressing concern over the grave state of the Himalayan Nation India intervened urging the Nepalese leaders to address the rising the problems of all sides by  sending Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special envoy.

However, India’s intervention in the matter was taken not very kindly by the Nepalese as they expressed anger and India received Flak on the Social Media with the Hashtag #BackOffIndia. The trend started in Nepal and soon apread across the world.

Even Earlier in the year when the terrible earthquake hit Nepal and India went on to aid Nepal with the media along the #GoHomeIndianMedia started trending on Twitter, first in Nepal and then worldwide. Indian media was taken to be interfering! We stood by Nepal and we will! India knows Peace and Harmony.

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