High Life What ? This Is How Much Arnab Goswami Earns Per Month...

What ? This Is How Much Arnab Goswami Earns Per Month !

India’s most criticized and loved Television News Anchor, Arnab Goswami who is the chief in editor of Times Now and is the host of two shows on the same channel  “The Newshour” which is a live telecast show and “Frankly speaking with Arnab” a special television program.

Recently, he was in the news because of Barkha Dutt who openly criticized him and said that she is ashamed to be working in the same industry in which Arnab works.

Here is the post by Barkha Dutt :

We all know how Arnab Goswami discusses current national issues and do not hesitate even a little bit to speak out loud about the failures of government and corruption in the country on his show. But there are certain things we bet you did not know until now.

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