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Infotainment What Would Happen If India Decides To Attack Pakistan With It's...

What Would Happen If India Decides To Attack Pakistan With It’s Nuclear Power

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Tensions were aroused after the Uri base camp attack which was the ugliest attack on Indian Army after which more breaking news came, MNS party ultimatum to all Pakistani actors, Indus Water Treaty, PM Narendra Modi statement, UNGA speech  and Viral Videos giving warning to Indian PM Narendra Modi. And now the Indian Army surgical strikes.

The Indian Army has proved the phrase right ! “An eye for an eye”. India had taken it’s revenge by killing terrorists in Pakistan captured Kashmir area. What is a Nuclear Bomb/ Power ? Nuclear power drives sit’s power from the nuclear reaction.


How Dangerous Is A Nuclear Bomb ?


The Nuclear Bomb is very Dangerous as it has many reactions which can affect our body. According to scientists who have studied the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, there are long term and  short term health effects of Nuclear Bomb. Following are the effects that it can have on your body –

Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Hair Loss

Loss Of Blood Cells

And because of this other problems can arise like Cancer, Infertility and birth defects.

How Nuclear Energy Is Released From An Atom ?


There are two ways through which the nuclear energy can be released from an atom –

Nuclear Fission –

 The nucleus of an atom is split into two smaller fragments by a neutron. This method usually involves isotopes of uranium (uranium-235, uranium-233) or plutonium (plutonium-239).

Nuclear Fusion –

 Two smaller atoms are brought together, usually hydrogen or hydrogen isotopes (deuterium, tritium), to form a larger one (helium isotopes); this is how the sun produces energy.

Nuclear Command Authority  ( India )


Who gives permission to a country here we are talking about India, to use a Nuclear Bomb/Power ? The Nuclear Command Authority (NCA) of India is the authority responsible for command, control and operational decisions regarding India’s nuclear weapons programme. 

First Nuclear Test Of India

The first Nuclear test of India was conducted on May 18, 1974, under the codename Smiling Budha. the command and directive of NCA of India is under the control of a Commander-in-Chief of the rank of Air Marshal (or its equivalent) in charge of the management and administration of the tactical and strategic nuclear forces.

Having Nuclear Power is an asset for any country, But as we can see that using a nuclear power (Bomb) is not easy at all. And if war happens then use of nuclear power will be the last option, not the first.

If a war is started and India uses it’s Nuclear Power on Pakistan then a lot of damage can happen to Pakistan. The entire country can suffer huge loss of lives, economy, literally, it will leave it to disable to perform any function.

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