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High Life What Is The Real Truth Behind Relationships These Days

What Is The Real Truth Behind Relationships These Days

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Relationships these days are becoming so modern that all you care about is showing off ! In a relationship the love matters but looks like, today youth prefers something else. Sex is more important than love, spending quality time is replaced with roaming around in malls or watching a movie. Where are couple’s going wrong?

You Hear Each Other Voice More

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The major reason as to why relationships do not work these days is no face to face communication. It has been replaced with texting, calls, What’s App, and other social  media. This only creates confusion nothing else, when you talk to your partner you can notice their expressions, feel their emotions which your smartphone cannot express to your partner.

Looks Are Important

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These days how a person looks, dress up matters a lot ! Really, a lot. Especially when you are dating. Your partner expects you to look hot and sexy all the time, they are more interested in your physical appearance than your thinking.

Love Is Turning Into Lust

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Yes, that is true. Lust comes before love in modern day relationships. Today we have forgotten the difference between love and lust, which leads to the break-up.

Everybody Fears Commitment

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Commitment is much more than posting “In a relationship” on facebook, in reality, those who fear commitment first never talks about it, second do not even tell their friends about it. Everybody is afraid to commit nowadays.

The Very Idea Of Romance

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People love romance and the idea of romance but they never put any effort into that.

Sex Is Given Far More Importance

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One night stand, flings, and sex dates are becoming normal day by day. When you are in a relationship make sure that it does not revolve around sex.

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