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Soon WhatsApp will become one of the largest mobile payment services in India.

There is news that what’s up messaging app has been licensed in India by the National Payment Corporation of India. Through this payment service, users can make digital transactions from within the app using  UPI. WhatsApp released this payment service as beta testing in 2018 to around 1 million users, but the service could not be extended to all users due to delays in regulatory approvals.

Now according to reports What’s up will reach about 1 million users in India through the first phase. As the company got the license on Thursday after a long wait. After this service, it will become one of the largest mobile payment services in India. 

Furthermore, there are reports that the service will be launched in several countries over the next six months. Although Cyber ​​analysts have even called WhatsApp a threat to the Indian digital banking ecosystem. However, after getting a license by NPCI, the company has got rid of all the problems and now WhatsApp users in India will soon be able to transact money through their app.

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