What’s Going On With Beyoncé, As She Mysteriously Removed Her Social Media Profile Pics On All Platforms

Beyonce caught netizens’ attention after she deleted her post from all her social media accounts. However, people are speculating it as a promotional campaign.


What’s going on with Beyoncé as she mysteriously removed her social media profile pics on all platforms. The singer Beyoncé is actually quite active on social media. At the end of last year, she even surprised fans with her new TikTok account. Although she hadn’t uploaded any content at the time, she was followed by thousands of subscribers within hours. However, it looks like the American is no longer so active on all social networks. As she deleted her profile picture on all platforms.

Attentive fans noticed that pretty quickly – because Beyoncé’s face can no longer be seen on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Instead, the preinstalled gray profile picture of the respective provider is emblazoned at the top of their accounts. However, her previous posts can still be seen and there are no new strange posts to be found – so it seems as if the 40-year-old’s profiles were not hacked.

Anyway, the followers have their own guess as to why Beyoncé deleted the pictures. They don’t believe that something could be wrong. As their community is sure that the R&B icon has started a promotional campaign. “The new album is finally coming” or: “Something big is coming”, they wrote on Instagram.

Check out the post below:

Now take a look at the reactions after Beyonce removed her profile pictures:

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