What’s in Your Dabba Challenge: Celebs Sharing Their Diets After Twinkle Khanna’s Nomination

Taking an initiative, Twinkle Khanna has asked Akshay Kumar and Bollywood celebs to tell him about his meal box. So Twinkle tagged the celebs on Instagram. Then she nominated them to share their diets on What Is In Your Dabba hashtag.

Whats in your dabba

After this, the person whom these celebs are nominating is sharing the food of their box and its recipe.

Rakul told the spinach-Sorghum Vulgare roti recipe: Thanks Twinkle, for starting it !! People who know me know how much I like to eat and clean food is a lifestyle for me, no matter what part of the world I am shooting. So every time I make sure that it is nutritious and tasty. I became vegan about two months ago. I do not miss eating home food. 

Bhoomi nominated Karthik and Tapsi: Bhumi Pednekar shared the food of her box and she said healthy food is a lifestyle, it is a choice, there is no compulsion. You know my Fit’s journey from my unfit. Actually Akshay Kumar inspired me for this. Thank you for nominating me. Eat well and accurately, so there is no quarrel. I am nominating Ayushmann Khurrana, Taapsee and Karthik Aryan.