Are you too one of those people who always read the phrase “Eat To Live” the other way round? Well, so am I. Being a Foodie, we can never quite agree with a statement like this because we sure “Live To Eat”. But With all of that eating and munching comes a continuous nagging thought of “Weight Gain!” which is subsequently followed by joing new gyms or adapting to new diets and what not! Why can’t there be a world where we can eat all those yummy sweets and fit into our skinny jeans at the same time? *Sobs* If you’re relating to any of this read on to know whats it like trying to lose weight being a foodie at heart.

You want to Gorge on your favorite junk food at Parties and Gatherings butyou find ways to curb that urge..


Dil Pe Pathar Rakh Ke.. Of course!


You Try extremely hard to choose Salads and Soups Over Fries, Cheesy Pizzas and Jelly Filled Donuts.. *Slurp*

And its the biggest sacrifice you make. It gives you a physical pain doing something like that.


If You Happen to Pass Through a Street Lined With Street Food Vendors, You storm past it before you get lured in by the Wafting Aromas.

oohh.. what’s that smell? Hot Gulab Jamun? Paneer Tikka?  *I’m on a diet! Skinny Jeans! Shorts! Make a Run for it! before its too late!*..


Foods Like Oats, Soya and Green Veggies Become your new Best Friends..

Your Mom, Your Gym Instructor, That famous Dietician (who charges alot) and even your aunties insist that you eat only these if you really wish to lose weight.


While rest Of the World Gets Excited for Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays and Parties, Its the most difficult time for you..

It all starts few days before when you practically eat nothing to make sure you fit into that dress for the event and thenwhen the day comes, you face the Sweets and delicacies like an ex you can’t get over! But Hey! Its your true love so don’t think about it too much! (Cheat Meal Time!)


Your Friends Have Started Calling You the Calorie Counter..

You subconsciously start counting calories in your mind before you even order the food. And all the time you keep wanting to have what your skinny friend (who never gains weight how much she eats) is having! *God! She is so lucky! How wonderful must it feel to eat whatever you want while fitting into those tiny sizes*


You’re So Tired os eating Raw or Boiled vegetables that you’d rather sleep through the Day or live on Vitamin Pills..

You just want to doze off whenever a strong craving for having something sweet or fried or anything that is unhealthy hits you like a strong wave..


You Keep saying to Yourself That you’ve Moved on and That you don’t even like the taste of the Fries anymore..

We it isn’t true.. It never is! It..It can never be! I cannot even.. *Tears Flowing*


There There! I too have been there or I Actually Live there! Basically Its all about loving yourself and being omfortable in your own skin! Eat what you love and Sweat it out! 😉

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