Our parents weren’t always wrong. The cell-phone era has demolished numerous an existence and it will just increment to do as such in the event that this man-made disease isn’t discontinued.

 What’s Ruining Your Sex Life? The Culprit Is Right Next To Your Bed!

According to a recent survey conducted by a condom brand uncovered that countless minutes of sexual intimacy were destroyed in light of the fact that one or both are engaged in utilizing their telephones too much. 40% of the 2,000 individuals who reacted to the overview said that they returned home from a get-away with their associates feeling sad as a result of their addictive utilization of telephones. A small amount of those individuals additionally admitted to utilizing their telephones while having intercourse.

 What’s Ruining Your Sex Life? The Culprit Is Right Next To Your Bed!

It was later found that people under the age of 35 suffered the most from the particular issue because of their heavy time devotion on smartphones. Couples have also been found to lose out their valuable time on intimacy in hotel rooms as they find free Wi-Fi at such places. kiddo things, but yes , reality is reality!


So Dear loving couples, if you guys want to spend some valuable time with your partner, please do each other a favour and leave the phones outside the bedroom. It will help you to conclude deep, very deep happiness.!

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