“WhatsApp Community Feature” What Is It And How It Will Work?

Messaging platform WhatsApp is going to include many new features in the year 2022. Some of these features are being tested in the beta version and this year’s first beta update has been released for Android users. In the beta update, there are hints related to the WhatsApp Communities feature and how it works. Let us know what the Communities feature is and how it will work?

Features in the development phase for a long time

WABetaInfo , a website that tracks WhatsApp updates and features, said that Android users have received the new update with the Google Play beta program.WhatsApp beta for Android version has indicated that users will soon be able to create communities. In communities, many members can be included to talk about the same choice or on a single topic. There will be an option to link up to 10 WhatsApp groups from a community.

Screenshot of the new Communities feature showing

Screenshots shared with the report show that the community name and description will be required to be entered first, just like a WhatsApp group. After doing this, users will be given the option to create a new group or link existing groups to that community. Along with creating a community, the platform will automatically create a group. It is believed that with the help of this, admins will be able to message in all linked groups simultaneously.

Beta users are not getting the feature yet

The Communities feature is not fully ready and even beta users cannot create new communities yet. It can be rolled out for testing in the first quarter of the year itself. It was revealed in the previous report that users who become part of the community will not get information about unlinked groups from it. Also, after leaving the community, the user will not be able to see the groups linked to it.

Profile photo will appear in notifications

Some changes can also be made in the notifications received by the users when the WhatsApp message arrives. It has been indicated that soon when WhatsApp messages arrive, the profile photo of the sender will also be shown in the notification panel along with the message. Similarly, more information will be sent in the notification when the message sent by the user to the group is replied to or it is mentioned in any message of the group.

Two existing options will be removed from WhatsApp

WhatsApp can remove two existing options to make changes related to the interface. In the beta version, it has been indicated that the ‘Broadcast Lists’ and ‘New Group’ options at the top of the chat list will soon stop showing. These options will now be found in the top-left corner of the pop-up and the ‘New Chat’ bubble will continue to be available as before.With this change, the messaging app is trying to give users a clean user interface (UI).

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