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News Technology Through Whatsapp's Latest Update You Can Draw And Add Emojis In Pictures...

Through Whatsapp’s Latest Update You Can Draw And Add Emojis In Pictures Just Like Snapchat

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The latest WhatsApp Android beta is adding a number of new features that should make sharing images with your friends a bit more fun – and a lot more like Snapchat.

Image drawing and Stickers

The new update will let you beautify a new photo or the existing picture before sharing it with other people. You can see new tools in the window when you choose an existing photo or click a new picture. The tools for beautifying the picture include doodling, adding text and inserting emojis.

Previously, photo sharing mode allowed to add captions, but with this update you can draw with a pencil, add text directly on the photo, and add overlays of emojis. You can see the tool on the top of the window.

All these features are part of 2.16.260 version. But, it is only available for beta testers and not for normal users. This will be publicly available later.

Stickers are all the rage now and WhatsApp isn’t reinventing the wheel here, but it’s all well done, with lots of stickers and text that you can resize, move, and rotate, and a full RGB spectrum of colors for text and drawings. There’s an Undo option too, should you want to go back one or several steps.

Front-facing flash and One-finger video zoom

For the front-facing flash, the screen will light up white when taking a selfie, acting thus as a make-shift flash to better illuminate your face in dark environments. And when you’re holding the record button to capture a video, you just need to slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out. This may sound familiar to all of you Snapchat users, but everyone is now copying this gesture, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

The interface is incredibly similar to Snapchat. It would be easy to confuse one for the other.


All of these changes are live in the latest WhatsApp betas that you can grab either by joining the official Play Store program then letting the app update by its own on the Play Store, or by grabbing the APK for v2.16.263 directly from APK Mirror.

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