Scandal Video Of Pakistani Actress Uzma Khan

A video of Pakistani actress Uzma Khan is going viral. The actress had made a complaint against the people who allegedly came...

Sonali Bendre Got Uterine Cancer Because of Wearing Black Bra in Summers? Viral WhatsApp Message is Putting People in Shock!

A viral WhatsApp message is grabbing all the attention of the people. In this message, an information is given revealing that wearing black-coloured bras in the summers increases the risk of getting breast cancer. Along with that, it is also written in the message that one should cover her body with a drapeĀ or dupatta while going out!

Well, to let you know, this message is fake. The fake message states thatĀ Sonali Bendre’s health is continuously deteriorating as her uterine cancer has already been spreading. It is worth considering that, she still has not revealed to the media about what cancer she is suffering from apart from her post of suffering from high-grade metastatic cancer.

This fake WhatsApp Text listed some dos and don’t to be followed by women is what is creating the entire scenario of fake messages doing the rounds. The funny part of the message is, it suggests that Sonali has uterine cancer but ultimately it seems to concentrate on the breast cancer issue. Some of the Do’s and Don’ts in the message are:

“Nurse your body.”

“Wash your bra daily.”

“Avoid black bra in summer.”

“Do not wear a bra while sleeping.”

“Always cover your chest completely by your dupatta or scarf when you are under the sun.”

“Use deodorant and not an antiperspirant.”This message is a hoax and do not have any scientific proof, one needs to understand that reading any of such articles only creates chaos and fake beliefs.


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