WhatsApp News: Users may soon be able to save important texts with ‘disappearing messages’ enabled

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for both individual and group chats that have the ‘disappearing messages’ option turned on. The new feature, dubbed “Kept messages” will permit users to store the disappearing messages in chat even past their expiration time. The new feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, which likewise posted a screenshot of the new ‘Kept messages’ feature, explaining its use.

Disappearing messages is an important feature for users who prefer to keep their inboxes clutter-free or have storage constraints. In the event that a user turns on disappearing messages in a chat, every one of the messages disappears after the specified time period. Nonetheless, ‘Kept Messages’ offers you some leeway. Indeed, even with the Disappearing Messages option enabled, a few messages, like any media or documents that may be significant for a user, can be saved.

WABetaInfo states in its report that “kept messages can be viewed within chat info in a new section called “Kept messages”, and all individuals in the conversation can open this section.” Furthermore, WhatsApp will permit group admins to restrict this capacity, meaning a new privacy setting will be accessible that will permit group admins to control the ability to keep a disappearing message.

As per the report, this function is still in development, and, and even beta testers don’t have access to it yet, and it’s unsure when it will be made available to beta testers.