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Whatsapp Two-Step Verification Security Feature And Here’s How To Activate It

Nowadays, Security is the main concern for all social networking sites. Almost every site has often dealt with one or more security breach. Therefore WhatsApp took a big step towards customer’s security and has officially launched the Two-step verification for all of its 1.2 billion users. This feature will be available on WhatsApp version above 2.17.24.


Now, we will explain what two-step verification is and how we can activate it:

What is Two-Step Verification:

In two-step verification, the user will have to feed a six-digit pin (optionally). This pin will be required if the user has changed the device or is reinstalling WhatsApp. After that, the user will be asked to fill an e-mail id. This e-mail address will be used to send the reset link for the six-digit pin if the user forgets the pin.

According to WhatsApp’s own FAQ page:

“We highly recommend you provide an accurate email address so that you’re not locked out of your account if you forget your pass-code,”

In case the user forgets the six-digit pin and also has no more access to their e-mail id then they will have to wait for seven days till the user again get eligible for re-using Whatsapp.

How to Activate Two-step Verification Code:

  1. Go to the Settings option of Whatsapp.
  2. Then go to Account Section.
  3. Setup your six-digit passcode to get Two-step verification code.

Whatsapp two-step security feature

This feature was already tested by WhatsApp in its beta build, and after a good response, it is now official in the latest version available on various App Stores.

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