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When The Dead Body of a Newborn Baby Girl Found at This Famous Bollywood Actor’s Farmhouse in a Swimming Pool

One news shocked the whole Bollywood in February 2014 when a dead body of a newborn baby girl was found at this actor’s farmhouse. This actor was none other than veteran actress Nutan’s son and famous villain of Bollywood, Mohnish Behl. The body was found floating in a swimming pool.

The discovery was made at Mohnish’s farmhouse in Kharegaon area here by a security guard. A police official said the body was highly decomposed. Doctors reportedly told police the baby was three or four days old. That time, this incident had understandably left the actor shaken and he was no longer sure if he wanted to hold on to that property.

Mohnish behl in extreme left

However, he admitted that the house holds a special significance as he spent a fair share of his childhood days there. He said,

“My parents had bought the property in 1965 and many of my childhood days were spent there. But after my mother (actress Nutan) passed away in 1991, my father cut down on his visits to this bungalow.”

After his father (Rajneesh Behl) passed away in 2004, the actor and his wife stopped going there as well. Later, the police found that it was the case of abandoning girl child. Someone threw their newborn baby girl thinking that the bungalow was deserted.

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