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When DESI Parents Meet Technology FUNNY Bomb Explodes

We all know that times have changed actually very fast, and just in a few years technology has taken over the world by storm! People are getting affected by technology like zombies are made in a 1.5 hour hollywood movie, I mean you get the idea right? And now with

Whatsapp in our lives parents can keep an eye on you 24/7. The other day my mom asked why were I up so late and I was like” How do you know mom?” That too happened when we don’t even live in the same city let alone house! And then It hit me. Oh Yeah! Whatsapp’s last seen! (Thank god now we can change who sees it :p) So You see  this is what happens when DESI (in my case Punjabi too) parents meet technology!

check out the video and have a good laugh! 😀

Obviously our parents are much cooler! But Hey! It was all in a good sense of Humour..We love our Desi parents anyway! 🙂

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