When Mithali Raj revealed why she doesn’t want to get married

A true legend of the game, Mithali Raj’s pursuit of success in the Indian cricket fraternity hasn’t been hidden from anybody. Since making her debut in 1999, the batswoman has proceeded to break plenty of records and emerged as the highest scorer in the women’s game.

While Mithali’s bat hardly stayed quiet on the field, the cricketer herself didn’t dig much into her personal life. Regardless of the spotlight and media attention, Mithali kept stayed stuck to the basics and continued to take care of her job on the field. Off it, in any case, she continues to baffle fans over her choice to stay single.

Mithali, at 39 years old, hasn’t gotten hitched. While there have not been too many discussions with respect to her relationship status, in 2018, the famous cricketer talked about the decision. When inquired as to whether the decision to get hitched at any point entered her thoughts, Mithali said that it used to when she was quite younger.

“It used to [cross my mind]… long time back, when I was very young,” she said in a chat with mid-day. “But it doesn’t cross [my mind] now when I see married people. I am very happy being single.”

In an interaction with Sportskeeda, Mithali had also talked about male attention in her life. While Raj conceded that she does get attention, she also uncovered that it isn’t same as it is with male cricketers.

“(Smiles) To be honest, I don’t really get attention the same way that the men’s team gets from their female fans,” she had said back in 2013. About her relationships, Mithali said that she wasn’t dating anybody at that point however she had relationships in the past.

“I have been in relationships before, but at the moment I am single and my focus is on doing well at the World Cup,” the cricketer had uncovered.