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High Life When Should You Have Sex With Someone You Are Dating?

When Should You Have Sex With Someone You Are Dating?

For many young couples, this is really a dangerous question or we can say a threatening territory for a lot of reasons. Many couples normally get confused between is it better to assess sexual compatibility early in dating or to delay having sex? There is also a difference in opinion on this question when it comes to men and women. The guy who sees nothing wrong with sex on the first date contends that such behavior is entirely natural. For ladies, the temptation is not the first thing on the list.

Results Of Different Scientific Studies

Sex During Dating: All You Need To Know

Dr Sandra Metts once asked 286 participants to analyze their present and past relationships in terms of turning points or in simple words, she wanted to know whether it made a difference if the couple had made a commitment to be exclusive and had said “I love you” before or after starting sexual intimacy.

  1. If a commitment is made and love is expressed before sex than “sexual experience is perceived to be a positive turning point in the relationship, increasing understanding, commitment, trust, and sense of security.”
  2. If a commitment is made after sex than “the experience is perceived as a negative turning point, evoking regret, uncertainty, discomfort, and prompting apologies.”

According to a study which is published in the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Family Psychology, the longer a dating couple waits to have sex, the better their relationship is after marriage.

Couples who wait to have sex until marriage report higher relationship satisfaction, less consideration of divorce and better sexual quality.

Sexual Abstinence Or Sexual Chemistry

Sex During Dating: All You Need To Know

Nowadays, what is trending or what people say is that a couple should test their sexual chemistry before committing to each other. The whole concept revolves around the fact that if a couple does not test their sexual chemistry before a marriage than they are putting themselves at risk of getting into a relationship that will not satisfy them in the future.

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