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Bollywood Stars Owned Private Jets But Where Do They Park Them?




The best thing about the Bollywood celebrities is they lead a lavish life. Amongst many other things that we wish to have like them is their private jets. Just imagine, how wonderful it is to visit places in your own space of air. Many of the Bollywood stars own private jets as it is the most convenient form of travelling to any place.

Ok, they have gigantic planes and they can travel anywhere but ever wonder where they keep them? We are talking about the parking of Bollywood stars’ private jet. Where do these Bollywood stars park their private jets is the question of the hour. Let us tell you!

You can buy your private jet but the policy or the rule is you have to park these Jets in airports only. Not only that, but a person has to pay an enormous amount of parking fee for that.

We take a look back then according to the reports, in the year 2014, the parking fee at Mumbai airport was Rs 75,000 a day whereas at Ahmedabad airport it was Rs 25,000 per hour per 1000 kg of aircraft.

Besides heavy parking charges at the Mumbai airport, the owners have to pay heavy fines if their planes are parked beyond the allotted time.