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High Life Where does the Kid Inside Us Leave, as We Grow Up?

Where does the Kid Inside Us Leave, as We Grow Up?

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When we were kids, we were allowed to be as naughty as we could be! We could laugh, ask for things, be stupid and no one really ever wondered! But, as we grow up this kid residing in us, somewhere takes a step back. We keep looking for ourselves but we are least to be found! Even if try and be mischievous, we are snubbed every nook and corner! Let’s debunk and try to discover this kid through various stages of life!

As we start growing up, the kid in us is suppressed under the load of education! They start making you realize, that we have no identity without education, shattering the whole existence that had been once created in our minds as an infant! We are no longer the Kings and the Queens of our own castles, but a stranger struggling through unknown books to again develop an identity which is unknown!

kids-with-booksThen comes the teens, where we fall a prey to our puberty! Our libido acts fast on us and even when  we try to do something that pleases us, they stop it by saying it is not acceptable in the society!

River Viiperi armpits_thumb[3]Then there comes a stage in life, where we have to discover what to pursue and most of us are forced into something we don’t like. The pressure again drools over us in searching an identity. Even if that kid wants to rise up, the pressure of survival of the fittest kills it again.

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Finally having had a job makes us feel free, it feels great to be working! But, in this country job has always had a counter supposition and that is marriage! With job comes the marriage! The moment we earn, there starts a counter strategy to trap us again!

just-marriedMarriage, yes a beautiful symphony but a catastrophic web of responsibilities too! One has to efficient, good and perfect! There almost comes a tide of expectations to fulfill again making us question our former quests! All that we had been doing holds no importance suddenly, making us void of our identity again!

Once we feel void, we lose our confidence and fail to grow! It is very important to let that kid be and never leave! It is always important to know that no matter whatever we do, there is always going to be something left and someone unhappy! We really cannot make the world happy!

Sad-outside-happy-inside-magic-mirror_5120x3200We need to coax the kid, laugh, make chances, roam, travel, sing no matter however we sound and make through the existential crisis we all face! The kid never dies, but is always suppressed. The world never stops pumping you down, it is always your zing that keeps the kid alive, till its last breath, which it takes whenever you do!

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