Many times, we are told that we have an “EGO” problem and we generally tend to either accept or reject the idea without even thinking about what it is actual! Ego, when defined in a lay man’s language, is a certain rejection towards the normality that people carry with their persona. When referred in a denotative sense, it is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.



In the theoretical sense, if we go by what the philosophers like Lacan and Freud had to say, our mind is fully controlled by sexual energy often termed as libido. As per Freud, this sexual energy is controlled by three sections of the mind called the a) super-ego, b) the id and c) the ego. The id is the unconscious part that drives us to carry out our sexual impulses towards acquiring everything in the world. The superego contains what our parents and the society tells us as a consequence of going by our unconscious sensibility. The ego, however, follows the reality principle where it makes us conscious of the literal consequence it would have despite what people have to say.


So basically, as per theorists, it’s the sexual energy that controls us completely. The more that energy, the more the ego. So pity an egotist for his uncontrollable libido, it’s not their fault. Whenever they try and reject the ways of the world they actually try to create a niche for themselves where unknowingly they are controlling what their unconsciousness might provoke them to do.

The bar of an egotist is really negative, but let’s accept it no one deliberately seeks solace. We are all driven by our mind. It is our uncontrollable energy that we try and suppress to bring out a “masked personality”, where no one knows what might be going inside us. So, the next time you meet a person with a higher ego, treats them with love because they might be trying to control much more than you would have ever done!

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