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Where Exactly Can You Smoke E-Cigarettes?

Where Exactly Can You Smoke E-Cigarettes?


The e-cigarette industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with several millions of users in the UK alone. It has earned many converts who are turning to e-cigs in droves. While the safety of e-cigs versus that of ordinary cigarettes can be debated, another question remains unanswered. This query concerns the exact places where you can puff your e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes emit water vapour made up of propylene glycol (the very stuff used in smoke machines) and does not have any carbon dioxide, a lousy smell, or fire. Without any harmful emissions, would you then use your e-cig in a doctor’s waiting room or a child’s nursery?  Also, without any legislation prohibiting the use of e-cigs in some places, why can’t e-cig users enjoy them everywhere? Where are the appropriate places to enjoy your e-cig if legislation does not prescribe them in some places?

Here are some areas and their stands on using e-cigs:


Some restaurants will let your puff your e-cig while others will not, so it depends on the exact restaurant you are going to. When Adam White, the co-founder of Village London Restaurants, was reached for comment on allowing vaping in his restaurant, he said that it might not be a good idea to enable smoking e-cigs in the restaurant due to the prohibition on smoking. Some other restaurants, like The Wolseley, Brasserie Zedel, and Gordon Ramsay, do not allow e-cig usage. However, many restaurants allow vaping in London, so feel free to visit any of them and enjoy your vape, should you be an e-cig user. Such restaurants include Bluebird Chelsea, Skylon, Butler’s Wharf Chop House, and Paternoster Chop House.

While talking about the restaurants where you can vape, you need to use high quality and trusted vaping devices and supplies. Your best bet for the highest quality is at,which even supplies electronic hookah, allowing you to enjoy smoking hookah without the health risks related to traditional hookah smoking.


While e-cig smoking is restricted in some working offices in London, it is allowed in others. Those where e-cig usage is allowed are based on the premise that e-cigs and tobacco cigarettes are two very different things, so they have a lenient policy on using e-cigs in those working areas. The best idea is to find out from your HR department the position of your workplace on e-cigs before using them.

On airplanes and in airports

Vaping is generally not allowed with some airlines,not because it’s a violation of the law, but because it’s going against the policy of the particular airlines. The reason behind this is to prevent passengers from mistaking them for ordinary cigarettes and assuming smoking is allowed. This is the same reason given to restrict vaping in airports. However, you can vape in the designated areas provided by various airports.

On public transportation

Generally, it is not allowed on buses and trains. However, a few rail companies may allow vaping in their stations and onboard their trains. You need to seek the correct position of any rail company on vaping to be sure.


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Nightclubs allow it. However, with private members clubs, it is typically restricted. Vapers are asked to do it outside the buildings in most elite private members clubs.

Other places

Museums and galleries as well as cinemas and theaters generally do not allow the use of e-cigs. Some supermarkets indicate that using e-cigs has never been an issue raised by customers, and thus have no policy on it. However, others like Asda and Sainsbury do not allow it.


For the correct position on whether you can enjoy your e-cigarette without offending the owners, management, or other visitors or patrons of certain places, the best thing is to inquire about it. Some places like restaurants allow it while others do not. Also, some may have areas designated for vaping, so the best thing is always to find out the correct position.

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