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High Life Which is The Best Eyeliner Shape To Suit Your Eyes

Which is The Best Eyeliner Shape To Suit Your Eyes

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Hey there pretty ladies. We know how great it feels when a charming man looks into the depths of your eyes rather than hovering his vision over your assets. How much we’d love that to happen more often. Sometimes subtle tricks might prove handy to get what you desire. Redefine the shape of your eyes with eyeliner to make them more attractive and let your eyes do the talking! But then again Which is the best eyeliner shape for your eyes? We got you covered..

1. Closely set eyes


For eyes that are set more closely the best trick to follow is to make them seem further apart. This can be achieved by brightening up the inner corners to make them look wider apart. Use a swoosh of shimmery eye shadow in white or champagne or a nude liner to apply near tear duct area. Make sure to extend your lash line by at least three-fourths of the length of your eye.

2. Almond Eyes


You practically have the most Gorgeous and best eyes for a dramatic eye makeup. Almost any and every liner technique will suit you. To accentuate your eyes make sure to line your upper as well lower eye lines. Start from the tip of your upper eye line and make it thicker as you reach the end. Then smudge the outer corners for a perfect sultry look.

3. Wide Set Eyes

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we need to try to reduce the gap between your eyes so don’t extend it beyond the outer corners as it will make them look even wider apart. The line should be marked with even thickness throughout the length. Try out small flicks of lash upwards then going for full wings and it shall go very pretty with your eyes.

4. Round eyes


You have big deep eyes and you can make them even more strikingly beautiful with thick wings to elongate them. Line three-fourths of your eyes on top and bottom to help them look more almond shaped and then just extend the line from the outer corner for pretty wings.

5. Small Eyes


The basic and most simple trick to make your eyes look more attarctive is to add more length and wings to the eyes to make your eyes pop. Make sure to curl your lash with a curler before adding a dash of mascara to really add more openness to your eyes. It would be best to line either the top or the bottom at a time to avoid them from looking even smaller.

6. Hooded Eyes


Hooded eyes are characterized by a fold of skin covering your eye lid which means it gives lesser space for your lid and so “Less is more” rule is to be followed while applying a liner. Apply the liner not on your lid but on your upper waterline instead due to the limited lid space. You can also add some shimmery eye shadow over the corner of your upper line to make your peepers look bigger. Wings and flicks at the corners also look very sexy.

Until next time! Keep winking! 😉

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