Which Is the Best Hosting Company for WordPress 2017 ?


WordPress is one of the best free software to make websites quickly.Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs can improve your SEO and increase sales. As we all know the success of a website depends upon the user experience of the website and also on the speed and reliability of the website. So to run a successful wordpress website we need a reliable and good hosting company to host our wordpress site.

There major components of a good host are :
Knowledge, Speed, and Reliability of Support,
Pricing and the overall product offering.


So Here is the list of Best Hosting Companies for hosting wordpress site:

Best Hosting Company if you are looking for Shared Hosting :


Siteground can be your choice to host your wordpress site if you are looking for faster response times with enhanced security features. Siteground has a great support too and all the servers are fully optimized to make the wordpress site blazing fast. Siteground wordpress instances comes bundled with SuperCacher to enhance loading times.

Price : PRICES FROM$3.95/mo.
SiteGround Server Location: Chicago, IL
Max Response Time: 1.79 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 669.9 milliseconds

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting has similar features as provided by SiteGround.They have friendly support team for your hosting needs. Also they don’t have any restriction on plugin usage. Many companies have restrictions on certain plugins like Wp SuperCache and W3Total Cache. All the servers have ssd hard drive for fast response times.With one of the fastest minimum response times, and by far the fastest max response time, InMotion stayed right around 600ms.

Price : WordPress managed plans starts from $5.99
InMotion Hosting Server Location:
Washington DC
Max Response Time:
Minimum Response Time:

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is also a good option to host a wordpress website. A2 use exclusive Turbo Server option offers you the fastest hosting experience. Basic features include 20X faster load time, free 24 hours support, free migration and anytime money back guarantee.A2 Hosting makes some pretty bold claims on their website, claiming 300% faster load times with WordPress.

Price : Starting at $3.92
A2 Server Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Max Response Time: 1.12 seconds
Minimum Response Time: 455.17ms

Best Hosting Company if you are looking for VPS Hosting :

If your blogging is doing pretty well and you have decent traffic on your website and your current shared hosting is not able to meet your current demand. Shared hostings have some kind of restrictions and slow load time is s a problem with the shared hosting and Slow Site speed impacts your SEO rankings, bounce rate, visitor satisfaction and most importantly your conversion rate.

I will not give you a long list of hosting companies because there are thousands of hosting companies which provides you VPS to host your site. The company is not very popular and never market and use Adsense to promote its server. But they provide powerfull VPS servers to meet your growing needs.


Hetzner is a hosting company based in Germany. Hetzner guarantees RAM and CPU resources, high-performance SSDs – all at a very moderate price. You will get full root access of the server. You can opt for Cpanel and Plesk to manage your site as all the VPS servers comes Bundled with latest linux operating systems. The support is decent and they instantly replies to your support mails. There is no restriction on the bandwidth and you can have unlimited traffic on the server. You can host a wordpress site on Hetzner VPS servers for faster loading time and unlimited traffic.

Price : Starting at $5.92
Hetzner Server Location: Germany
Max Response Time: 1.10seconds
Minimum Response Time: 355.17ms

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers mean virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment. Cloud Computing is a new technology to enhance load time and hardware failures and too give 100% uptime as they are independent from hardware failures. You will not get a pre configured resources on cloud servers as they can be upgraded or downgraded on the go depending on your traffic. They are great if you want to run your wordpress on multiple servers to enhance your reliabilty of wordpress site.

AWS ( Amazon Web Services )

If you really want to test a pure cloud server then you can try AMAZON Web Service also popular as AWS. AWS also gives you a free tier for 12 months to test their servers.

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Aws is free to join, you pay only for what you use as they bills you on hourly basis. Amazon has their data centres all over the world and you can opt a server location near you and you can have servers at different locations also.

Price : Hourly Basis 
Server Location: Region ; Number of Availability Zones
AWS GovCloud   US West :Oregon , Northern California
US East :Northern Virginia , Ohio
Canada : Central
South America : São Paulo
Europe : Ireland , Frankfurt , London
Asia Pacific
Singapore, Sydney , Tokyo , Seoul , Mumbai

So choice purely depends upon your needs, If you are new blogger you can opt for shared hosting and if you are serious and have a confidence that your site will grow in now time then go with Cloud Hosting.