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Infotainment 10 Newspapers in India Which Support Their Favourable Political Parties

10 Newspapers in India Which Support Their Favourable Political Parties

The power of the press or pen is no less than a superpower. It can make a tea-seller a millionaire overnight and even build a Rome in a day!  Newspapers are known as the eyes and ears of the world. With the advent of the media, the popularity of newspapers has become very less. But the effectiveness of it still persists. It makes us aware of what’s happening in the region or in the country we live in. It is independent but is it actually? Find two different newspapers and you will find the difference. Today we will tell you about the various newspapers in our country and the political party they support. Read out the text below:

1) The Hindu

it is said to be an independent newspaper. It is the best newspaper.

2) Indian Express

It is independent but a very little Pro Congress. It is considered the second-best newspaper in the country.

3) The Telegraph

It is biased and supports Congress as it always takes a dig at Narendra Modi. Their creative font page against Modi often trends on Twitter.

4) Times of India

Pro BJP, but by breaking some news it tries hard to prove that they are independent.

5) Patrika

It is a Hindi newspaper which is a little independent. However, it also seems it is Congress leaning.

6) Dainik Bhaskar

It is a Pro BJP. But by some news, it tries to prove that they are independent.

7) Dainik Jagran/Nai Duniya

Same as that of Dainik Bhaskar.

8) Haribhoomi

It fully supports BJP.

9) Hindustan

It is independent and along with that a little Pro Congress.

10) Navbharat

It is both Pro BJP and Congress. Most of its news is not based on facts but assumptions.

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