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High Life What Does These White And Yellow Lines On A Road Actually Mean

What Does These White And Yellow Lines On A Road Actually Mean

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This is the age of modernization, we all need our each and every work to be done fast and only in that hustle bustle of life, we always forget to follow the regular traffic rules. If you don’t believe us, then you can check the stats by yourself. The other option is that you can ask the traffic cops that how much annoying has it got to tell each and every person the traffic rules again and again but what we do is always forget them.

Let’s See Whether You Remember The Meaning Of These Lines Which Have Always Remained Along A Road Or Not:

1. Broken White Lines

traffic rules - white line
Source: Roadsign

The broken white lines on a road mean that the driver is also allowed to change his lane but with caution.

2. Solid White Line

solid white line - traffic rules
Source: Blogspot

Solid White Line means that the driver is not allowed to change his lane at all conditions otherwise, he may pass over a security threat.

3. Single solid Yellow Line

Single solid line - traffic rules
Source: doctrine

This line means that the driver is allowed to overtake and pass the other drivers but he cannot cross the yellow line. This rule varies from state to state ( in Telangana, this line stands for establishing no overtaking).

4.Double Yellow Solid Lines

Double yellow lines - traffic rules
Source: Parliament

These lines mean that overtaking or passing is not at all allowed to the driver.

5. Broken Yellow Lines

brokenwhite lines - traffic rules

The driver is allowed to overtake and pass but with caution.

6. Solid Yellow Line With Broken Yellow Line


solid yellow line with broken one
Source: Drivinginstructorblog

If you are driving in the lane with the solid yellow line, then you are not allowed to overtake but if you are on the broken yellow line then yes! you are free to overtake.

We hope that you never forget these rules again and stay safe, live long and a happy life.

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