High Life Who Are We? Why Are We On Earth?

Who Are We? Why Are We On Earth?

Since the dawn of time, man has questioned, who are we? why have we taken birth? why we are on earth? You might have also thought about it at least once in your life but haven’t been able to thought much because of this trap of money and time.

There is a reason behind the birth of man except the reason of eating, earning and sleeping. Don’t you think if these three were the only reason then why we are different from animals? Don’t you think that money, for which we do all this hard work will remain on earth after or death? And if it will remain on earth then why are we earning or doing all this?

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why are we on earth

Alexander who actually won the whole world died just because a fever. If he had won the whole world then why can’t he get a doctor that could save him? It shows that if you have taken birth then nothing else but death is sure. One interesting thing that Alexander did was, he requested his men to keep his hand out while taking him for his funeral which will describe that even after winning the whole world he is taking nothing with himself.

So one thing might be clear that we are not here only for eating or earning. The main reason is something else and that is to discover yourself. You might be thinking what does it mean? Lets start this way:

Nobody is born Christian, Hindu or with any other religion. We humans have made these religions according to our needs and beliefs. It means we are similar at one point and reason behind our birth is also same. So every human has a ability to discover himself/herself.

man made religion

The process of discovering yourself can’t be explained directly, its a matter of experience. You might have heard of Lord Buddha. He was one who discovered himself. He was an enlightened soul. According to his teachings, the process of discovery begins and ends with experience and witnessing yourself. A common word used for this process is meditation or dhyana. Meditation is actually not a process but a practice in which a person closes his/her eyes and witness what ever comes to his/her mind.

Lord Buddha was one of many enlightened soul. Others like Swami Vivekanand, Meera, Swami Ramkrishan Paramhans and many more gave the same teachings as Lord Buddha. They used to claim this discovery as the main aim of a human’s life. Anyway, no one except them can tell what happens after that because its a path of believing first and then getting proved.

According to them, they were out of this trap of money. They had no sorrows. They lifted themselves from the ego, annoyance and all wishes. They used to call it a true heaven.

why are we on earth

Reading about their teachings and realizing them one can’t say that they are wrong because its agreed that they don’t prove it but they do make us realize that what we are doing is also not correct.

Note: This article was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or to criticize anyone’s religion. This was just person’s opinion based on his research.

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