Who Could Be The New Narrator Of Money Heist After Tokyo’s Death?

Money Heist S5V2

This Friday, December 3 has become one of the most important days for fans of Money Heist. Indeed, after four incredibly successful seasons, the final end of this story arrives. On September 3, Netflix brought forward the final season with the first of the first five episodes of the edition, but now the last five will be released.

Money heist season 5

On this occasion, the Professor’s gang must face the fact that they are cornered by the Civil Guard and the army, while overcoming the duel over the loss of their great friend, Tokyo. This character, played by the incomparable Úrsula Corberó has been one of the most important of the whole series since she was the first recruited by the architect of everything and, in addition, the narrator of the story of Money Heist .

So much so that now, with the sacrifice she made to save her companions, many things have changed in the plot. It is that, now after her death, the place as the narrator of all that the members of the group experience and feel has been vacant. There has been a lot of speculation that she would continue, beyond her death, but the truth is that since Spoiler, we have two theories that could change those thoughts.

2 theories on the new narrator of Money Heist:

1. The Professor:

Professor Money Heist

He is the architecture of everything and who considers all thieves as his children. Played by Álvaro Morte, he was the one who recruited them all and taught them to be the professionals they are in Part Five. But, with Tokyo, he has a special affection because he was his first member. Because of this, he would now be the one to take over to talk about himelf and keep telling how he would help his family move forward at the worst time of their heist.

2. Rio:

Rio Money Heist

Played by Miguel Herrán, he’s one of the most controversial characters throughout the series. Funny, tender and a little shy, he was the one who loved Tokio from the start and who did everything to save her, but couldn’t. Because of this, the first two episodes could be based, in part, on his grief and pain, with him talking about feelings. Of course, later he would pass the job to the professor.