Who Invented The Fashion Of Ripped Jeans And Where It Started?


The world’s first jeans were designed by Loeb Strauss in the year 1870. Strong and durable of thick cloth, these pants were made for laborers working in factories. These were dyed in blue color so that those who wore them could be identified as laborers. This first jeans later came to dominate the world as a Levi’s company.

The specialty of denim fabric was believed that it keeps the feet cool in summer and gives warmth in hot winter. The fashion of ripped jeans came about 100 years after this first jeans. Till 1970, the same people wore ripped or torn jeans who could not buy new jeans. Wearing torn jeans was a sign of being poor in those days.

It started becoming a medium of protest

But in the 70s when the culture of punk bands was at its peak, wearing torn jeans became a means of opposing traditional methods. Due to pop culture, many rockstars like Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols etc.. made it famous all over the world.

This was the fashion even earlier, which returned back

As with every old thing, the trend of torn jeans came back in 2010. During that time many things of the 80s were back, such as high-waist jeans, bellbottom etc. Super models also wore ripped jeans in some world class fashion shows.

After that, as soon as it came out. By now, many new and attractive brands of jeans had come. They took advantage of this trend and suddenly torn jeans became an essential part of the wardrobe of this new generation.

The market of torn jeans has become so big because the holes in denim that are used nowadays are available only in the jeans found in the market.

How ‘Ripped Jeans’ are made?

Holes in jeans are made in two ways – by laser and by hands. Laser is used to make holes in jeans which are cheap and where the cheapest type of denim has been used. For this, the jeans are stuck directly on a stand and pierced by putting a laser light on it.

But for those who are expensive brands, the workers decide the cut design and holes with their hands. Firstly, the design is made with a pen or chalk on the jeans. It is cut again and finally with a tweezer-like device it is finished.

Different holes

If you are also fond of wearing torn jeans, then you will also know this distinction. Not every torn jeans is the same. Different types of holes separate it from each other.

  • Scrap: It is a small piece of cloth. Here the cloth is uprooted only from the top surface and the cloth is attached inside.
  • Shred: There are threads of some places in jeans here. Here the design is like a mesh of threads.
  • Hole: This is a proper hole which is on the knee or thigh area.

It is taken care not to tease the calf of the feet because it does not look natural. In the same way, these teases are mostly made on the knees and thighs.

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