Who is Lav Agarwal, Who Gives Daily Updates On Coronavirus?

Lav Agarwal Biography

In the midst of the deepening crisis of Corona virus varien Omicron in the country, nowadays everyone is waiting for the press conference of an IAS officer of Modi government. This IAS officer is none other than Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health. These days, he often tells the country the latest condition of Corona by holding a press conference at the National Media Center.

Lav Agarwal

Lav Agarwal Biography

After working in the education and health sector in Andhra Pradesh, Lav Agarwal, who is playing an important role in the Ministry of Health, has been recognized as an innovative IAS officer. People who have worked with him say that Lav Agarwal takes interest in improving the health system with the help of technology. He is such an officer who considers awareness in the health sector very important.  

Originally from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Lav Agarwal is an IAS officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre. He is also an IITian. After doing mechanical engineering from IIT-Delhi in 1993, Love later cleared the civil services examination. He got the Andhra Pradesh cadre in 1996. He was the Director of the Department of Secondary Education in Andhra Pradesh. Along with education, he also worked in the field of health. He was also the Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare Department in Andhra Pradesh.

Schemes And Ideas Of Lav Agarwal

Lav Agarwal Biography

Due to many out-of-the-box schemes in the education and health sector, Lav Agarwal remained in the limelight. After the year 2016, Lav Aggarwal felt that he should work in the central government. He sought deputation. Having a good track record, the way for deputation was cleared and the Modi government made him Joint Secretary (JS) in the Ministry of Health on August 28, 2016. He has been appointed to this post for five years. That is, he can fulfill the responsibility of this post till 2021. 

46-year-old Lav Agarwal is responsible for Global Health, Mental Health, Technology, Public Policy in the Ministry of Health. Luv takes interest in working out-of-the-box and taking the plans to the public in the right way. The Modi government has given him an opportunity to present India’s side in many international forums. He has represented India in many international level forums towards world health. 

In January 2020, Lav Aggarwal gave a presentation of the Modi government’s Ayushman Bharat scheme in the conference of the Health Working Group of G20 countries. Lav has also advocated the creation of a Digital Health Task Force for G20 countries.

Ministry sources say that Aggarwal has also played an important role in cooperating and signing agreements with many countries in the health sector. Last year, he was also involved in the ‘US India Health Dialogue’ with Health Secretary Dr. Preeti Sudan.