Who Is Norm Self? A Man Who Turned P*rn Star At The Age Of 83

How will you feel if you hear about any male turning into a p*rn star at the age of 83. Shocking Isn’t it. That’s exactly what happened when the news of an elderly started making rounds. Read to know more.

Norm Self

Who is Norm Self?

So before we start let us first explain to you who this man is. Actually, he is a priest from North Dakota. The retired clergyman ditched his job and finally decided to work as an adult star. But the shocking part is that he has no regrets so far. This man joined the clergy when he was 18 and after 28 years of marriage, he realized that he was gay.

How did it started?

It all began back in 1997 when Self came across a group of gay men. And then Self-realized that he was gay. During that time he was working as a campus minister. Talking about his first experience he said “My housemate asked me if I’d be in a film. I was invited in and all of a sudden all this attention comes to me. We are going to have sex anyway so why not make it a liberating and bonding experience instead of hiding it away in the shadows?”

Norm has made three more adult films in the past two years. And has no regret for that. In fact, he also expressed his support to rid the world of human trafficking. And also makes an effort to educate people about sex. He also explains how it enhances pleasure and joy between partners. Taking to Huff Post the 83-year-old quoted: ” My body was a temple where intimacy and ecstasy intermingled and was open to making more adult films.

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