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High Life Who is Ranjit Katyal? Why People Are Searching Ranjit Katyal Wikipedia

Who is Ranjit Katyal? Why People Are Searching Ranjit Katyal Wikipedia

The post release of Bollywood movie “Airlift” starring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur had grabbed many eyes for the role of “Ranjit Katyal”. people searched for Ranjit Katyal Wikipedia page to explore information about him. Many questions had raised, that who actually is Ranjit Katyal? To know the reality of this disputed character, some famous news channel contacted Sureshmal Mathur, who was an incharge of Airlift Mission in Kuwait. He revealed that what actually happened in 1990 and what role Ranjit Katyal had played for rescuing 1Lakh 70 thousand Indians.

There was no any NRI businessman named Ranjit Katyal:

Sureshmal Mathur told in his interview that he was a second secretary of the Indian embassy in 1990 in Kuwait. That time when Iraq attacked Kuwait, it was our responsibility to rescue 1 lakh 70 thousand Indians and send them back to their motherland. However, there was no any NRI named Ranjit Katyal who helped Indians in rescuing them to India also, there is no any Ranjit Katyal Wikipedia page on Google as it is only a fictional character in the movie. According to Mathur, Indian govt. had taken the charge in migrating Indians to their motherland. Airplanes of Air India used to take Indian people everyday to Dubai from base camps built in Jorden. For this greatest contribution by Air India, they got recorded in famous Guinness Book of World Records.
Air India - Ranjit Katyal - Kuwait 1990
However, from some other source, we came to know that, there was actually an Indian businessman, who helped in evacuating Indians during the crisis in Kuwait and his name was Sunny Mathews. He was a successful businessman and had strong connections with Iraq because of his business tie-ups. The strategy of Mathew was using contacts of his business friends to gather Indians and resources for them in resources under one roof. He also looked after their food and other needs.
Ranjit Katyal Mystery
-A Tweet by Sunny Mathews son Mathunny Mathews
We salute Mr. Mathew, Indian Embassy, Air India and others for their great contribution!

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