Who is The Gautam Gulati And Upen Patel Of Bigg Boss 9 And More

Bigg Boss’ 9th season has begun and it has already set the audiences biting off their nails. With a super catchy episode of Partner exchange last night the fans are rejoicing having greater expectations from this season. If we look back through all the previous seasons we can surely find the present housemates to remind us of the previous contestants. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

1. Prince can pull off a Gautam Gulati


Gautam as we all hopefully remember became the most disliked and misunderstood person in the house in the first week itself. Quite similarly on the premier of the show Prince was rejected by the girls starting from Dinangana, Kishwer, Rimmi, and Yuvika. But looks like he got just as much popular!

2. Keith Sequeira, the possible Upen Patel of BB9


Keith is a celebrated Vj and model since the 90’s and has made a comeback through Bigg Boss 9. Keith seems to be playing his game really well being quiet and polite initially. Also, his growing fondness for partner Manadana and the trio with Rochelle reminds us of the Bigg Boss 8 triangle between Upen, Karishma Tanna and Sonali Raut. But between Rochelle and Mandana who do you think is Tanna? Keep guessing!

3. Kishwer Merchant playing the Urvashi Dholakia


Kishwer a popular face on Indian Television known for playing negative roles enetered with Boyfriend Suyyash Rai. Kishwer quite much reminds us of Urvashi Dholakia another popular face of the TV, being judged by the housemates for being a little too blunt. Don’t you think?

4. Ankit Gera is the new Ashmit Patel.


More than his shows on TV he made headlines for his more than one affairs at a time. And probably so Ankit reminds us of Ashmit Patel who was involved in a MMS controversy and so both came across as casanovas.

5. Aman Verma ‘Aaauu’ Shakti Kapoor


For those who dont know, Aman too was caught by the camera in a sting operation for casting couch and so was Shakti Kapoor. This makes them both legit contestants for Bigg Boss.

6. Mandana is the eye candy Karishma Kotak


This Iranian hottie is proving to be more than just a pretty face in the house. She seems to be similar to another beauty who previously walked the same floor Karishma Kotak and is rising the temperatures in the house.

7. Rochelle Rao could be the new Elli Avram


Rochelle Rao, a model earlier seemed quite similar to Elli Avram as in they both knew little of Hindi. However, now she is turning quite like the Gauhar Khan of Bigg Boss 7 speaking up for herself and voicing her thoughts. Well, Gauhar won the season, so only good for Rochelle!

So what do you think? Pretty much close right? Well, if you know better let us know!

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