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Entertainment Gender Inequality in Bollywood? Why All The Surrogate Babies in Bollywood Are...

Gender Inequality in Bollywood? Why All The Surrogate Babies in Bollywood Are Boys?

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Surrogacy in the Bollywood has become a trend nowadays. Where Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan got a baby through surrogacy after already having two children each, Karan Johar and Tusshar Kapoor became the single parent of their surrogate children. That’s ok surrogacy is completely justified, we are not questioning that! But ever wonder all these surrogate babies in the Bollywood are boys. Yes, there is no any single girl! However, Karan Johar became the father of two, one of them is a girl but it’s a case of twins so we are not going to consider it.

Ok let it be a co-incident, but how all the time? People who make us learn through their films that there is no any difference between a girl or a boy and they both are equal, seem doesn’t think like the same when it comes to them. Shahrukh Khan’s surrogate baby is a son, Aamir Khan’s surrogate baby is a son, Tusshar Kapoor’s surrogate baby is also a son and in almost cases of surrogacy in Bollywood mostly the children are boys.

Indeed! it is not a coincident, it’s a business. It seems Bollywood lags no behind in following the absurd tradition of an old Indian ideology that having a son who is supposed to be a successor of their families is a good idea. Maybe they think a female child will never gain a success as same as the male actors in the Bollywood. In one of a shocking series of surrogacy episodes, the king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan and his wife were accused of sex determination test of their surrogate child AbRam Khan.

Such things definitely prove that gender inequality exists in Bollywood too. Their mindset is still the same, they think that females are not often groomed to take over the family business as they are expected to be distracted with raising children. It is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. They do think that a female child as leading to a division of property, while the males stay in the property and thus keeping the ancestral treasures within the family.

Films like Dangal, Chak De India, Queen, Mardaani etc are the biggest examples of women empowerment. Films are not meant to make 100, 200 0r 300 crore club. They are the way to teach a lesson to the world through real stories and to lift up it with positivity. As same as people, celebrities also need to understand that they as a public figure lead the youth of our country so they need to implement the lessons, they give their audience via their films, themselves too.

We are not against the concept of surrogacy but we are totally against the sex determination test. It is not justifiable in any way.



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