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News Technology Here's The Reason Why Android Doesn't Have Any A & B Versions

Here’s The Reason Why Android Doesn’t Have Any A & B Versions

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Smartphones have really changed the world, they have replaced the most useful gadgets of the past including calculators, compass and even flashlights and now, with amazing games like clash of clans, Pokemon Go, Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter, they are also about to replace the gaming consoles.

Android names - android nougat
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Recently, the name of the upcoming Android 7.0 was announced and it is Nougat. Even such a simple was able to create a havoc in the world as many people assumed that the name will be Nutella. It is really a surprise to see that all the android versions have been named after sweets and go in an alphabetical order, for example, – the android 4.0 is Icecream, which is dessert, android 4.1’s name starts with the ‘J’ which exactly comes after the ‘I’ and is Jellybean, again a dessert and then Kitkat, Marshmallow and Nougat?

But here we also have a big surprise for you:

How Many Of You Knew That This Alphabetical Series Of Android Names Doesn’t Start From ‘A’?

android names android c to android k
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The first android to be named verbally and after a sweet dish was Android 1.5 Cupcake, and since then this successful series of trendy Android names have continued.

Here’s The Reason That Why Android Series Doesn’t Have Any Dessert Names From Letters ‘A’ and ‘B’:

The google team got this idea to name their smartphone OS after desserts after the release of Android 1.0 and Android 1.1. This codename idea of dessert names was called as ‘Tasty Treats” and the first android names didn’t have any tasty treat. They were famous by the name Android 1.0 and Android 1.1 only.

android and apple
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“It’s kind of like an internal team thing, and we prefer to be a little bit — how should I say — a bit inscrutable in the matter, I’ll say,” said Randall Sarafa, the spokesperson of Google about the topic.. “The obvious thing is that, yeah, the Android platform releases, they go by dessert names and by alphabetical order for the most part.”

Although first two android versions didn’t have any sweet and tasty names, they were also recognised as Android Alpha and Android Beta by many.

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