Entertainment Bollywood Why are Korean movies more famous than our Indian Bollywood movies?

Why are Korean movies more famous than our Indian Bollywood movies?

There are numerous of reasons for which I can answer your ‘Why’. So Let’s start from the beginning.

Brainless Audience (Sorry to be Rude )

Majority of Indians prefer to watch Judwa 2 instead of Newton,Jab Harry Met Sejal instead of Masaan and Happy New Year instead of Shahid and why a film maker will put any extra effort to make a masterpiece when these shitty movies doing exceptionally good at the box office.


Hey! STOP what is that? In majority Bollywood doesn’t have any relationship with logic not even a distance relationship. Most of the times we copy from Hollywood and in rest of the times we copy from Tollywood. But Korean movies are written with full pledge of dedication. Vibrant screenplay and terrific cast is the key of success for Korean movies.

Very Bad At Cheating

We all know that for to cheat we still require some sense. But Bollywood is too bad at copying too.
See some examples:

Outdated Concepts

Bollywood has a special quota for romance in their screenplay. No matter what kind of movies we are making in India we will have some romantic stuff in it. Korean makes Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller movies but we make Sci-Fi + Romance,Horror+Romance and Thriller+Romance. Koreans always pick some out of the box topics. One of the finest creation of Korean Cinema is Oldboy . A gripping story with wonderful actors around is a perfect treat to watch.

Movies Per Year

Good things take time to build up. But in Bollywood we make more than 100 movies per year and on other side Koreans only manage to release 10+ movies in their calendar year. Yes! quality matters more than quantity.

Nepotism At It’s Best :

“Come on It is in Indian laws too that Nalaayak Son and Daughters will have birthright to parent’s property”-Varun Dhawan.

Sorry! I answered this question in totally opposite way. But I think It’s always good criticize bad things so that they can improve.

To Varun Dhawan’s Fan : I don’t have any personal rivalry with him. But I quoted him because He compared Dilwale with Inception.

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